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The Team

Andria Pooley, Head Trainer and Owner

Andria has competed at FEI levels in both dressage and eventing, holding a silver medal in dressage.  Andria has trained with international caliber trainers such as Lucinda Green, Kim Severson, Mary Wanless, Michael Barisone, Cindy Ishoy, and Ralph Hill.  She is dedicated to furthering her education, including a month-long educational trip to England, where she worked with several international trainers.  She has attended the USDF Instructors Workshop and intends to complete her USDF Trainers Certification.  She is dedicated to helping horses and riders understand each other and create a harmonious partnership. 

Andria began riding when she was 5 years old, and has been in love with horses ever since.  She began riding western on a pony bought from a sale barn named Candy.  Then, she graduated to Flicka (another sale barn pony), who she learned to jump on.  Andria’s first event pony was Spunky, who gave her wonderful foundation in eventing and taught her the fundamentals of dressage.  At the age of 15, Andria saved up enough to buy her first prelim horse, Guinness, who she competed at the Preliminary level for 4 years until his retirement. She has continued to develop horses to the Intermediate level in eventing and through 4th level dressage. She has also enjoyed much success in the hunter and jumper rings. Andria continues to compete in multiple arenas, as she firmly believes that the horse should decide what he or she enjoys most.  While Andria’s heart is in eventing, she gladly takes every mount in the direction they enjoy most. Her training methods focus on positive development of horse and rider, building a strong relationship based on trust. See the Training Philosophy page for more information.  

Barb and Curt Pooley, Caretakers and Cheer Squad

 Andria’s parents, Barb and Curt Pooley, run the daily feeding and care operations at Bent Creek Farm.   They are dedicated caretakers of all of the horses at Bent Creek Farm, treating each equine as though it was their own.  From getting up in the middle of a cold night to feed extra hay, to constantly improving  the facility, Barb and Curt are integral to Bent Creek Farm’s success. They also attend many shows with Andria, and Barb adopts everyone competing with the Bent Creek Farm team at shows, becoming everyone’s “show mom.” She makes sure the team stays fed, hydrated, and confident.  She is an essential component of BCF’s competition success. Without Barb and Curt’s support, Andria’s dreams of riding at the upper levels would not be possible 

Emily Pelikan, Assistant Trainer

Emily operates Odyssey Equestrian with experience in training both horse and rider, and specializes in sales with a focus on finding the perfect fit for horse and rider To schedule a lesson or inquire about training and/or sales, contact Emily directly at For more information, visit

Chloe Lansing, Bodywork specialist

Chloe operates Supple Equine Sports Massage and has extensive experience working with horses.  She specializes in equine bodywork. She is trained in both equine sports massage and myofascial release.  She is an incredibly valuable member of our team! With her hands-on massage techniques, we are able to keep our equine athletes comfortable and in top shape.
To schedule, contact Chloe directly at 563-845-6022 or email her at For more information, visit

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