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Enter The Bent Creek Farm Show! (Oct 9th) & Ride A Test (Oct 8th)

Bent Creek Farm
2330 Turner Ave
Solon, IA 52333

Sign Our Waiver

The Show

Our shows are fun, laid back, and focus on encouraging a positive experience for both horse and rider. We offer levels fantasy-Prelim/Training. Ribbons and prizes for each division. Levels will be broken up into separate divisions if entry numbers are high.

Schooling is available all day Saturday for $35. Trainers required.

Trainers are allowed to coach riders through the stadium course, and trainers are allowed to go out either on foot or horseback with their beginner riders at the Fantasy level.

Schooling after the show will also be available if riders need to overcome an obstacles, free of charge.

Limited stabling is available. Paddocks and stalls are available. Initial bedding is provided for stalls (1 bag). Additional bedding can be purchased for $8 a bag. Stalls are $30/night.

Dressage Only: $25/Test. Please indicate tests in comments section

Combined Test available at any level (Dressage and Show Jump only) for $65

Additional Show Jump Round: $15/Round. Please indicate level in comments section.

Late Sign Up (10/4-10/8): $20

Please be sure to sign our waiver before the day of the show.

The Clinic

On Saturday, October 8th, we will offer a Ride-A-Test with Dressage Judge Kate Kostenbader. You will ride a test of your choosing, she will score it, and then you will go over how to improve your score and ride elements of the test again.

This is a great opportunity to find ways you can improve your dressage scores with small changes throughout your test!

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